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Diaper Sprayer

The Potty Pail cloth diaper sprayer is the only diaper sprayer made in the USA which comes with a lifetime replacement warranty on the parts. The adapter includes a top quality toilet supply line.

Potty Pail Diaper Sprayer and Wash System

The Potty Pail

Our toilet bucket pre-wash system for cloth diapers makes pre-washing cloth diapers easy. The bucket fits on all toilets and includes a stopper for filling and hooks for hanging diapers on.

Potty Pail Diaper Sprayer and Wash System

The Complete System

Everything you need to pre-wash cloth diapers the fast and easy way. Includes our diaper sprayer, toilet bucket with lid, drip tray and hose hanger hook. No More Dunk and Swish!

Potty Pail Diaper Sprayer and Wash System



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DIY Diaper Sprayer Parts

Featured DIY Diaper Sprayer Parts – Sale Priced With Free Shipping To Your Door!




For those who wish to make their own homemade cloth diaper sprayer we offer DIY parts and instructions for assembling them. These are the same high-quality parts we use to assemble the legendary Potty Pail cloth diaper sprayer. This can save some money for those on a tight budget and still have high-quality plumbing fittings.


How does a diaper sprayer attach to my toilet?

The Potty Pail cloth diaper sprayer attaches to your toilet supply valve with a brass tee fitting and features a 1/4 turn brass shut-off ball-valve followed by a 4′ long sprayer hose and spray head. The top part of the tee connects to the toilet tank fill valve with a braided stainless steel supply line allowing for constant water pressure to the toilet tank for normal operation and peace of mind.

Why do I need a sprayer for cloth diapers?

Rinsing cloth diapers with a strong spray is a must. The early days of dunking and swishing cloth diapers in the toilet were messy, dirty, and possibly unhealthy. Now with The Potty Pail diaper sprayer, you can target a specific area on the diaper to spray clean without having the entire otherwise clean diaper saturated in the dirty toilet water.

How to pre-wash cloth diapers with sprayer.

Most people think that cleaning and rinsing cloth diapers in a toilet is gross, nasty, and disgusting even with a diaper sprayer. That’s why for a mess-free and sanitary way to spray off soiled cloth diapers you need The Potty Pail super splatter shield or splash guard. You can easily use your sprayer on the highest pressure setting to get diapers super clean without the risk of back splatter from the poopy toilet water. The Potty Pail is far superior and easier to use than other shields because you can work hands-free on multiple diapers all without having to juggle the diaper, sprayer, and a flimsy shield all at the same time.

Can I use your diaper sprayer as a personal bidet?

Absolutely! We’ve had many customers come to us for this purpose. Our diaper sprayer and splatter shield are also very popular with caregivers and people with incontinence.



Take the EEW out of poo with the Potty Pail diaper sprayer!