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From Musicians on the road to becoming a cloth diaper family.

Musicians by trade, traveling abroad, working on the road…then baby makes three!!  OK yes, life slowed up a bit in one regard and went into hyper-drive in another. We went from performing less to me being home and breastfeeding baby, writing more and delivering the next project, our first album of music inspired by the birth of our daughter, THE LAND OF NOD. It’s a collection of songs drawn from the poetry of Robert Louis Stevenson’s, A Child’s Garden of Verses.

In the meantime…We wanted to cloth diaper our daughter. I received prefolds as gifts, sewed more, and as I’m a thrift store maniac, had pretty much stocked the diaper stacker with great finds in beautiful soft, cotton dipes and waterproof covers. The thing was when it came to cleaning these beauties, nobody wanted to swish ’em around in poopy toilet water. A few days later, The Potty Pail in its preliminary form came into being. Invented by my ever creative and inventive husband, The Potty Pail and diaper sprayer was just what we both needed to share the cloth diapering experience. Yes, my husband too!

Becoming a Cloth Diaper Family saves money and is eco friendly.  A new concept, no, certainly not. A great concept, most definitely. Cleaning cloth diapers went from being a dirty chore to being a much more sanitary and enjoyable chore!

We are a family devoted to each other and the pursuit of happiness by way of our lifestyle choices and the way we choose to implement them. We wish all those who choose the road less traveled much good luck!

Please check out THE LAND OF NOD – Soothing music for baby AND grown-ups at Zoppa.com.