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Cloth Diaper Rinsing System products

With The Potty Pail’s Cloth Diaper Rinsing System, you can use the bidet sprayer attachment to rinse cloth diapers and using The Potty Pail rather than a nasty toilet you can pre-wash your babies’ cloth diapers.

Easy to use cloth diaper care

You have the option of just getting the Sprayer Kit or just the Potty Pail or the complete system. This is an affordable and easy to use way to care for your cloth diapers. The diaper sprayer can also be used as a bidet. No more kneeling over the toilet, no more high cost of a cloth diaper cleaning service.

Diaper Sprayer

The Potty Pail cloth diaper sprayer is the only diaper sprayer made in the USA which comes with a lifetime replacement warranty on the parts. The adapter includes a top quality toilet supply line.

diaper sprayer bidet attached water valve

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The Potty Pail

Our toilet bucket pre-wash system for cloth diapers makes pre-washing cloth diapers easy. The bucket fits on all toilets and includes a stopper for filling and hooks for hanging diapers on.

toilet bucket pre-wash system for cloth diapers setting on toilet with drainstopper

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The Complete System

Everything you need to pre-wash cloth diapers the fast and easy way. Includes our diaper sprayer, toilet bucket with lid, drip tray and hose hanger hook. No More Dunk and Swish!

diaper sprayer complete kit. Bucket Pail, Bidet diaper sprayer and bathroom attachments

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