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Diaper Sprayer Adapter

Cloth Diaper Sprayer”

~ Solid Brass Plumbing Adapter ~

~ Top Quality Stainless Steel Supply Line ~

~ 4′ Reinforced Heavy-Duty Kink-Free Hose ~

~ Guaranteed For Life! ~

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Sorry but we do not sell our diaper sprayer and splash shield in Canada.
Any orders made from Canada will be refunded minus any and all fees.


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For 15 years we have produced a high quality diaper sprayer and a one-of-a-kind pre-wash toilet bucket. Our thousands of satisfied moms and dads are living proof that our home made products and our down to earth personal customer service is the BEST on the market!

Diaper Sprayer

The Potty Pail cloth diaper sprayer is the only diaper sprayer made in the USA which comes with a lifetime replacement warranty on the parts. The adapter includes a top quality toilet supply line.

Potty Pail Diaper Wash System

The Potty Pail

Our toilet bucket pre-wash system for cloth diapers makes pre-washing cloth diapers easy. The bucket fits on all toilets and includes a stopper for filling and hooks for hanging diapers on.

Potty Pail Diaper Wash System

The Complete System

Everything you need to pre-wash cloth diapers the fast and easy way. Includes our diaper sprayer, toilet bucket with lid, drip tray and hose hanger hook. No More Dunk and Swish!

Potty Pail Diaper Wash System