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Frequently Asked Questions

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frequent questions

Q: Why do I need this?

A: To get clean cloth diapers, the Potty Pail is a beneficial aid in pre-washing soiled cloth diapers. Whereas other methods like soaking and dunking saturate and engulf the entire diaper in a sea of poop, The Potty Pail system allows you to target the removal of poop and urine from the baby's diaper to just the soiled area leaving the clean areas of the diaper clean. Why have poop particles permeate the entire diaper if you don't have to?

Q: I already own a Mini-Shower, can I use the Potty Pail with my sprayer?

A: You bet! The bucket by itself is an excellent compliment to the Mini-Shower or any other spray hose you may have already in place. With the bucket system, you won't have to bend so far over the toilet or be on your knees and you can spray AND soak your diapers in one location.

Q: I was looking at the Potty Pail as my diaper service just closed and I need to start washing my own diapers. I am curious if the bottom of the pail is flat or if it is angled to encourage drainage.

A: Thanks for your interest! The bucket bottom is flat yet the flat ring around the outside of the pail is placed at an angle to allow the bucket to tilt towards the drain hole. The water and the diaper contents easily flow out through the hole into the toilet. Due to the slick nature of the plastic poo will not stick to the inside, it's easy to clean off with the sprayer hose, no need to wipe it down by hand.

Q: I'm affraid my water pressure is too strong for a sprayer. Can I control the pressure?

A: The sprayer hose can accommodate as much or as little water pressure as you need by regulating the valve (the little black handle) so when you need to get off some sticky solids, just turn up the volume! And please remember to shut the sprayer off after each use.

Q: I get to busy to rinse my baby's diapers and occasionally they will get a bit crusty around the edges how does the soaking feature work?

A: If you're doing a long soak, keep the bucket on the toilet and make sure the stopper is in tight. That's all there is to it, you can soak them for as long as you need.

Q: What should I do with the bucket after my son is potty trained?

A: My daughter's 4 now, and we still use the sprayer to rinse out her portable potty bowl as well as use it as a portable utility "sink" for cleaning up after paint projects and nastiness that we don't want/can't go down the kitchen sink. The Potty Pail isn't just for cloth diapers!

Q: Can I return the Potty Pail if I'm not satisfied?

A: Customer satisfaction is number one with us but as I'm sure you can understand we can not issue a refund on a Potty Pail that has been used or installed. If you want to return an un-used un-installed Potty Pail we will gladly refund your money minus all shipping. Please read "Our Guarantee" page for complete details.

Q: Can't I go to my local hardware store and make this myself?

A: You can make something similar but will have trouble finding all the parts contained within our system. If you can't afford our system we encourage you to make this yourself. Our real goal is to get as many people as possible to use cloth diapers.

Q: What is the built-in stopper for?

A: Once placed snugly into the hole in bottom of bucket, the rubber stopper allows you to add water/suds to the bucket and do a quick cover or diaper wash without wasting water necessary for a small washing machine load. It's also handy to soak particularly stinky or soiled diapers. We recommend you do this while bucket is on the toilet, do NOT use the stopper off the toilet for it may pop out and you will then have a mess to clean up.* Thanks to suggestions from Potty Pail owners, we implemented this feature recently!

Q: Why do my diapers stink?

A: There are many reasons why this may occur. Natural fiber diapers (prefolds/fitteds in cotton or hemp) may need a shot of an anti-bacterial product to remove build-up (we recommend Bac-Out).

Q: Do you guarantee The Potty Pail?

A: Yes we guarantee The Potty Pail Sprayer Hose against defects for as long as you own it. We will send you the new parts to repair the sprayer hose free of charge or you can pay the shipping costs each way and we will repair it for you free of charge. Please read "Our Guarantee" page for complete details. Also please remember to shut the sprayer off after each use.

Q: What if my bathroom is so small I don't have any room to have the bucket by the toilet?

A: We suggest you store in the tub or shower stall. Once the diapers have dripped "dry" just place bucket on drip tray and move to desired location.