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How To Measure for a Diaper Sprayer and Plumbing Adapter


Part 1

We need to know what size Toilet Supply Valve you have. The fastest way to find out is to look for a label on the Toilet Supply Line, it will have the size printed on it. Check your label to see if you have standard 3/8″ toilet supply valve or 1/2″ valve.

If there is no label take a 5/8″ open end wrench and place it on the nut that connects the supply line to the supply valve (see image below). If it fits, then you have a standard 3/8″ compression-type supply valve and line.

If you do not have a 5/8″ wrench please proceed to PART 2


If the 5/8″ open end wrench fits, BINGO, you have a standard 3/8′ toilet supply valve.

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There are two standard types of Toilet Supply Valves that connect the Toilet Supply Line to the toilet:

3/8″ (most common)

1/2″ (not very common)

To determine which one you have follow these very simple instructions.

1. Take out a ruler, a piece of scrap paper and a pair of scissors.

2. Cut a strip of paper approximately 3/8″ wide.

3. Cut off a piece of the strip EXACTLY 2-1/4″ long.

At this point it will look something like “a fortune out of a fortune cookie” that might say:

“Your life is about to change for the better!”

4. At your Toilet Supply Valve, where the Toilet Supply Line from the toilet water tank connects to the supply valve, there is a nut, wrap the strip of paper around this nut.

A. If the strip meets end to end or overlaps just a little then, bingo, you have a standard 3/8″ Supply Valve.

B. If the strip is too short and there’s a large gap (approximately 3/8″ long or longer) then bango, you have a 1/2″ Supply Valve.

We CAN NOT accommodate the PEX plumbing “All-In-One” style supply valve/line. UNLESS you have PEX plumbing with a standard toilet supply valve and supply line.

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