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Neal & Jennifer from Vadnais Heights, Minnesota: “I’ll tell you here that I absolutely love the potty pail. I would not cloth diaper without it. I’m the type of person who could never stand dunking my diapers in a toilet bowl, no matter how clean it was. And with a front-loading washer, there is no way I could get the diapers clean enough without somehow rinsing them out first (I tried washing without rinsing them for a while and they were not getting clean). I love cloth diapering and the potty pail is part of the reason it has been SOOOOOOOO easy! Thank you for such a great invention!”

Brooke Lerman in Sarasota, FL: “I purchased the Potty Pail a couple of years ago for my 1st child. I don’t know what I would do without it. It is currently being used for my 2nd child. As any mom knows time is of the essence, and the Potty Pail makes it so quick and simple. With the Potty Pail anyone can cloth diaper! I recommend this product to everyone that cloth diapers.”

Jeff in Maple Shade, NJ: “I said this to my wife this morning. After which, I told her, ‘Man, I Just gotta write that to the PottyPail people. If we didn’t have the Potty Pail, I don’t think I would have made it through cloth diapers for two kids.’ Tis the truth. Use it as you wish.”

Ken S.from the Bay Area, Ca: “I just received my potty pail sprayer today and I am extremely satisfied with it! It was easy to install and worked like a charm! Before I found the potty pail, I went to the hardware store and tried to put a sprayer together myself and the parts ended up costing the same amount and the parts definitely did not fit as cleanly. When I saw the potty pail, I promptly returned all the parts and purchased the potty pail sprayer and I am glad I did. I cleaned my first diaper today and was amazed at how easy it makes cleanup! Extremely Satisfied Customer! I will spread the word about this great product!”

Brendan in Pittsburgh, PA: “I’ve been using your sprayer for about a year, but only recently purchased the potty pail itself. I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to get this. We rent and we have an “efficient” washer, but it has been a bear to get our diapers washed. This product has made it SOOOOOO much easier! Anyway great product, thanks a lot it has helped immensely!”

Susan in California: “Ellen, thank you very much for the extra adapter and the instructions. We are potty pail operational now. And couldn’t be a better time! It works wonderful… Thanks to you and your husband for a wonderful helpful product and UNMATCHED customer service!”

Heather V. in Iowa: “I love the POTTY PAIL! Now we can’t wait for a poopy diaper…we fight over who gets to spray it off! By the way, I love cloth diapering now. It used to be a chore to rinse, scrape and dip the poop off. Now, I can spray with ease.”

Jeanette L. in Arizona: “This has really has made my CD experience much more enjoyable, and more sanitary (not to mention less work). I was so excited to try it out, and it definitely exceeded my expectations. The sprayer has a real kick to it, it gets every last little speck of poop off the diaper. Because of the bucket I don’t have to bend over the toilet or deal with any dirty back spray getting on me. THE WAHM/WAHD who developed this system are extremely kind and helpful. They answered all emails very quickly, were quick to give assistance when I needed with measurements, and I can tell they care about their customers and really believe in their product. A+++++”

Wendy S. in Oregon: “Thank you so much! Your communication, help and cooperation have been great!”

Shelley K. in Washington: “The thing that made cloth diapering easier for me is using the Potty Pail. No more dunking or scraping poo off diapers. I simply spray the poopy diapers with a diaper sprayer in the potty pail, I don’t have to worry about spray going all over the bathroom, and put the sprayed diapers into my diaper pail after they have finished dripping on the hook in the Potty Pail. While some might consider this a luxury, it was what kept me using cloth when my daughter started eating solid foods. My husband doesn’t mind using it either!”

Winnie J. in Oregon: “I LOVE The Potty Pail! I didn’t want to deal with the messy dunking aspect of cloth diapering and was so happy to find this alternative. My husband helps me now too!!! It’s neat and easy and my expensive dipes stay stain-free. I highly recommend The Potty Pail for anyone cloth-diapering their babies.”

Terri Ann M. in Connecticut: “Cloth diapering is going very well. In fact, it’s even easier now that I have the Potty Pail! I used to dread the poopy diapers, but now with your system, cleanup is a snap! My husband is very impressed with it too he’s even changing more diapers. Thank you for such a great product!”

Katrina in Memphis, Tennessee: “Just wanted to let you know that I got the sprayer uninstalled and installed again successfully. Thanks again for your help! Your sprayer and pail are making cloth diapering a breeze – I had tried another sprayer before yours and had lots of problems. I am so glad I decided to order your product! I will definitely recommend it to other families!!!”

Crystal in Reedsport, OR: “This system is well worth the money. I like the fact that it is a lot more sanitary than the way I used to rinse my cloth diapers. I used to rinse them in a large wash basin sink in my laundry room, but I concluded that it was more sanitary to put the stuff down the toilet and looked for a better way of doing it than to break my back bending over the toilet with my diaper duck…Anyway, I just wanted to share my find with you and my happiness with the whole thing. It is wonderful!”

Anita in San Diego, CA:“We love this. This is so very cool great idea. FYI I got you site from a link from Green Mountain Diapers. (I love that site too.) This will be my first time cloth diapering. (I already have one child. ) I want this to be the most successful experience possible. I will recommend this thing to everyone I know. -Anita”

Karen from “Green Mountain Diapers”: “This is not necessary, but I love it! I cloth diapered for years without it with no trouble, but now that I have one, I do like it a lot, and I honestly won’t go back to my old way. This is easier! it’s a neat and well-thought-out gadget for spraying off diapers into the toilet. It’s easy to turn off the valve off when not in use to ensure leak prevention. In some situations, such as common laundry or laundromat users, this can make washing much easier and faster. If you have a low-water toilet purchased after 1994, you might really need this. It’s hard to dunk a diaper in a toilet that has hardly any water in it. This is the solution for those low water toilets. It definitely reduces diaper pail odor! I also love this for spraying poop off the edge of my covers so they can more easily be washed with my clothes separately from the diapers. This way my covers last much longer since I’m able to wash them more gently more easily. I also use this to clean poop off wool effectively if it’s just on the edge, without having to wash the whole wool cover. I’m totally spoiled now that I have a Potty Pail! If you like this idea, I highly recommend the complete system, including the pail because it prevents splashing.”

Karen also writes: “Quality is really important in a diaper sprayer. Why? You do not want a leak or a flood! My husband refused to install the first small sprayer that I purchased because all of the fittings were plastic. But this sprayer is quality. Brass fittings. It’s the good one. While the complete system with the bucket is great if you have room for it, if you can’t get that system, this is the the one to get. We turned the valve off when not in use to ensure leak prevention. Having the right tools for the job makes all the difference. We tried all of the sprayers on the market that we could find, and this our favorite.”

Diaper Sprayer

The Potty Pail cloth diaper sprayer is the only diaper sprayer made in the USA which comes with a lifetime replacement warranty on the parts. The adapter includes a top quality toilet supply line.

Potty Pail Diaper Wash System

The Potty Pail

Our toilet bucket pre-wash system for cloth diapers makes pre-washing cloth diapers easy. The bucket fits on all toilets and includes a stopper for filling and hooks for hanging diapers on.

Potty Pail Diaper Wash System

The Complete System

Everything you need to pre-wash cloth diapers the fast and easy way. Includes our diaper sprayer, toilet bucket with lid, drip tray and hose hanger hook. No More Dunk and Swish!

Potty Pail Diaper Wash System